Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many web design quotes will i get?

A. Each Postcode area has a maximum of 4 suppliers, so will receive a maximum of 4 quotes!

Q. What happens if nobody sends me a quote?

A. If none of our suppliers from your area are able to help you, we will ask suppliers from other areas.

Q. Am I going to get calls all day from companies trying to sell me their services?

A.  No, absolutely not, unlike other comparison sites, we do not pass out your telephone number, instead, you will receive your quotes via email, the only time a supplier can call you, is if you give them your phone number!

Q. I'm interested in getting more work, how do I become a supplier?

A.To become supplier, please click here to contact us, but please note that availability is limited.

Q. How much does it cost to become a supplier?

A. Prices start from £42.00 per 12 weeks, per postal area!

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